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View file size for iOS photo and video files.

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Abc photo file size viewer is a very lightweight tool for viewing the size, file name, type, and last modification time of a photo file. In iOS (iPhone/iPad), the size of the photo file cannot be directly viewed, and the file name of the photo cannot be viewed. This tool is to solve this problem, just load a web page, you can view the size of the photo file in iOS. After the program loads the webpage, when you select a photo file, the script in the webpage can get the file size and file name. This process is done locally in the browser, thanks to the browser HTML5. So, don't worry about your photos being uploaded to the server, because after loading this page, everything is done locally in the browser, not dependent on the server, and does not need to upload data. So don't worry, if you are still worried, you can do this: After entering this page, turn off WiFi and traffic, and then select the file, you can still see the size of the photo file, file name and other attributes, when the webpage is offline, the function Still available. Thank you.

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